Young Philanthropist’s Heartwarming Journey: 9-Year-Old Dedicates Allowance to Help Stray Dogs and Creates an Animal Sanctuary, Inspiring Hearts Worldwide.TS

Countless animal rescue stories start with how difficult the animals have gone through, but they are still beautiful. Homeless dogs, but, have skin illnesses and health issues that scare many of us away, so we don’t approach them. We’d rather leave them to their fate.

Ken Amante, even as a little lad, couldn’t bear it when animals around him were abused, regardless of their condition. When he was nine years old, he never left his home in the Philippines, there was no food in his bag, and disappeared for several hours with it.

Providing food for stray dogs

Their parents had no idea what his kid was up to, so one day his father decided to follow him. Soon after, he found out that his beautiful son was feeding the stray dogs. Some of these dogs had mange and sores, but Ken didn’t mind because the dogs needed help. Ken even used his parents’ pocket money to buy food and assist these defenseless creatures.

His happy father posted photos of his son and dog on Reddit with the caption: “For the past two weeks, my kid has been feeding these stray dogs in the neighborhood. I learned about it for the first time today. Providing food for stray dogs.

Ken is shown feeding three skin-and-bones dogs in one photograph. He named the two younger dogs Brownie and Whitey, and the largest dog, Blackie, who he presumed was the mother. Owing toDue to scabies, all three people have many lesions and almost no fur.

Ken explained to HNGN, “Actually, I’ve always loved animals; it started at a very young age.” When I was younger, I was really smitten by them. My parents informed me that before I could walk, I was already cuddling with my father’s cat, Hajime-kun. Hajime-kun, who is now 14 years old, is still with us.”

These photos immediately went viral on the Internet, and people from all over the world began to flood in funds so that Ken could feed more animals. Ken has been keen to create an animal shelter since he was a child. With the help of his parents and a large amount of donations, this dream has become a reality. On March 31, 2014, Ken established The Happy Animals Club, the first shelter of its sort in the Davao Region of the Philippines.

“I came up with the Happy Animals Club after I realized there are more shelters here that kill animals at some point than there are legitimate shelters,” he explained to Metro. “I want to save as many dogs as possible who are slaughtered for no reason.” Over 100 animals have been saved. He rented a house for a year and converted it into a sanctuary for rescued animals. “We also provide a lot of money for wood, power, tin for roofs, cement, and a variety of other things.” When it rains, this area frequently floods, so we dug canals,” Ken explained on his organization’s website.

“The shelter presently consists of two big enclosures, two flats, and an annex. Dogs will not be kept in cages unless they are unwell or have a valid reason. The kitties have their own separate space. “All of the dogs and cats at Happy Animals Club are quite happy,” he continued. The shelter has received and will continue to receive assistance from many people from all over the world.

“Since 2014, we have rescued over 100 malnourished and sick animals and delivered countless meals to stray animals,” according to the website. Ken also said that when he informed his father about his huge goal, his father told him that it would most likely take 20 years to get something like this off the ground and that he would have to wait until he was older. But this tiny boy demonstrated that where there is a will, there is a way, regardless of age.

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