“Woman calls for support on social networks after finding abandoned dog with a message left by the former owner: ‘I’m sorry, please take care of her'”

Those who have or have had pets can understand how much joy they can bring to people’s lives. However, not everyone appreciates animal company and sometimes our buddies get abandoned by their guardians. But we are here not to spread sadness. On the contrary! Today we want to share a story of a dog that, after being left alone, found a new home and a loving family.

On the 19th of December, Lais Chesine Monfrinato, a resident of Mairinque, Brazil, created a post on Facebook with a photo of a dog that was looking for a new home. The animal was left by her door with a note “I am sorry, please take care of her.” Lais was surprised to find an abandoned dog left only with a blanket, some food and the note. The woman didn’t have much space in her house since she had three adopted cats already, so she asked for help on social media. Luckily, one of her friends, Rosane Carraco, who was moved by the story, decided to adopt the dog. Lais knew how good Rosane is with animals, so she didn’t think twice and decided to give the pet to her friend.

The animal was received by the new family on the 26th of December as a Christmas present and was given a new name: Lua. In one of the interviews, Rosane revealed that she was concerned at first. The woman had a two-year-old dog, Mel, so she didn’t know if the two dogs would be able to live together. But her worries went away as soon as both animals met. They immediately became best friends.

This is Lua, a lovely dog that was abandoned by her previous owners

The dog was found by Lais Chesine Monfrinato with a blanket, some food and a note “I am sorry, please take care of her”

“How a human being, if you can call a person that, can do this? You abandoned an animal and just walked away. They left this sweet girl at my home this morning,” Lais shared on the 19th of December on Facebook.

Lais created a post on Facebook asking for someone to adopt the dog since she didn’t have enough space for a new pet

Luckily Lais’ friend, Rosane, agreed to take the dog and named her Lua

In one of her interviews, Lais revealed that Rosane, who is her boss, saw her post on Facebook and immediately called Lais on WhatsApp saying that she wanted to be with the dog. “I didn’t think twice, because I know the affection and love that she and her family give to animals.”

Lua stayed at Lais’ house for a week before she went to Rosane’s house. Everything was prepared for her arrival.

Rosane was worried at first that Lua would not get along with Mel, her other dog. To the woman’s relief, the two immediately became best friends

Rosane shared that Lua still doesn’t recognize the name when she calls her, but the dog is getting used to it. Mel and Lua get along very well. Lua accepts the fact that Mel is in charge here. “The two are happy.”


Lua’s future was unclear, but now she has a new home and a loving family


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