Who doesn’t love a white, adorable newborn baby with a high nose bridge like this?

Looking at the photos of baby Lee Geon Woo (more than 4 months old) and mother Ly Ngoc Qui (21 years old, currently living in Kangwondo, Korea), everyone is surprised because the boy has a handsome appearance right from the start.

Many mothers who love Lee Geon Woo’s white skin and high nose immediately asked Ngoc Qui if there was any secret to giving birth to such a beautiful child with a high nose.

However, there is one happy thing that Ngoc Qui wants to share, which is that during her pregnancy, every time she went for a walk around the neighborhood, whenever she saw a pretty, white, high-nosed, cute child, she would

Baby Lee Geon Woo has a naturally high nose bridge.

The boy’s mother said that Lee Geon Woo’s high nose bridge is probably due to genetics because the boy’s father also has a very high nose bridge.

In addition, when she was in the first 4 months of her pregnancy, while in Vietnam, she also heard people say that she should eat a lot of avocados, drink coconut water in the last months and drink a lot of unsweetened fresh milk to give birth to a white baby.

In the 5th month of pregnancy, Ngoc Qui went to Korea with her husband.

During the first 2 months after birth, baby Lee Geon Woo cried continuously at night so Ngoc Qui could not sleep.

Not only does he have a high nose, Lee Geon Woo also has white skin, black eyes, and rosy red lips.

Ngoc Qui herself also has an admirably high nose.

However, thanks to a psychological husband who, outside of work, shares child care with his wife and regularly encourages and cares, Ngoc Qui also has less hardship.

In fact, “asking for help” is just a funny story. Mothers should not believe this completely, but need to establish a reasonable diet and rest regimen for themselves to have a healthy pregnancy and help their babies.

And now, we invite you to take a look at a series of lovely and adorable photos of baby Lee Geon Woo here:

During her pregnancy, Lee Geon Woo’s mother ate a lot of avocados, drank a lot of unsweetened fresh milk, and drank coconut water in the last months.

Lee Geon Woo was born in Korea at 41 weeks by vaginal birth.

During the first 2 months, Lee Geon Woo often cried at night, making it quite difficult for his parents.

However, up to now, Lee Geon Woo has become more obedient, eats and sleeps, and doesn’t cry anymore, so taking care of the baby is much easier.

Looking at Lee Geon Woo’s lovely appearance, who wouldn’t be fascinated?

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