We rescued a dog with a head injury, provided him with medical care, and found him a home that was willing to love and care for him.

Michi may look like a gorgeous, cuddly teddy bear, but she didn’t always look this way. When we found Michi, she was wandering the streets of Bali with a life-threatening and painful head injury.

We knew that she needed to get to a vet ASAP, but when we tried to rescue her, she ran into a drain and buried herself deep inside of it! We waited in the gutter for 3 hours for the rescue crew to arrive. It seemed that the only way to get her out was using hope and a little bit of smoke.

When we found Michi, she was wandering the streets of Bali with a life-threatening and painful head injury

When she finally arrived at the vet, it turned out the hole in her head was filled with maggots. Perhaps it had been inflicted by a person, or she had been in a fight with another dog—we didn’t know. All we knew was that she needed help.

At Mission Paws’ible, we are really really focused on helping a dog decompress with a safe, quiet and calm place to rest, usually in our personal homes. We start their treatment plan based on their diagnosed issues (such as a skin condition) and ensure they are fed a healthy nutrient-rich raw diet with supplements to boost their immune system. Retaining a strong routine also helps them to understand their new place, such as feeding time, walks or sleep, and helps them to relax. We also find other dogs (that are fully vaccinated and healthy) speed up healing for any suffering severe trauma. When newly rescued dogs see the relationship they have with each other and with humans, the rescue learns and understands how to socialize and trust.

The vets had to shave off her fur because it was covered in blood, dirt, and bugs

Not a happy dog yet, but slowly on the road to recovery and full health

Alas, after Michi was moved to foster care, she was diagnosed with parvovirus. This virus is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with an infected dog or by indirect contact. Michi may have contracted it before entering the clinic and the vaccination brought it out, or she caught it in the clinic. This is why safe and secure foster homes are so needed. Thankfully, Michi had age and a good immune system to help fight the virus and survived.

She has flourished into the beautiful Maltese mix she has always been

The day that Michi met her future mum, Saffron, was heartwarming. Her pawfect match had arrived and had us all in tears! Michi now lives in Bali with Saffron and her other rescue dog, Garscon, and the three of them make a pretty special little family.

Let us point out that every adopter is thoroughly screened starting with an online application. Once we receive the application, we contact the applicant via phone to finalize more crucial details and gauge their true interest and devotion to a new pet. We require a full house check to be sure the home is fully fenced and secure.

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