(VIDEO) The young and skinny wolf, with its head trapped in a plastic box, was weak and staggering in a life-threatening condition. P

The incident unfolded in the vicinity of a serene lake in Nagpur, where a group of dedicated photographers embarked on an expedition to document the avian residents and the Indian wolves inhabiting the area—an endangered species battling the looming threat posed by human unawareness.


Among the photographers was Tanay Panpalia, a 26-year-old accountant hailing from Nagpur, accompanied by his friends. They were capturing the majestic wildlife when they noticed the presence of a pack of wolves, including one particular creature that seized their attention—a young and severely emaciated wolf with its head ensnared within a plastic container.

The poor animal’s feeble and stumbling gait revealed its dire predicament. Observing its skeletal frame compared to the other pack members, Tanay and his friends deduced that the wolf had likely been trapped for days, if not weeks, unable to properly feed itself.


Realizing the imminent danger to the animal’s life, Tanay decided to trail the wolf, maintaining a cautious distance from the rest of the pack, given the potential risks of being outnumbered by the wild animals. They promptly contacted the Nagpur Forest Department, seeking specialized assistance to rescue the distressed creature.

Several hours later, a rescue team arrived at the scene, ready to address the dire situation and liberate the wolf from its ordeal.

Tanay shared his perspective with the media, explaining that the plastic container was a common household item used by local villagers to store food. Unfortunately, villagers often discarded unused containers haphazardly, leading to such unfortunate incidents involving wild animals.


Authorities surmised that the wolf had thrust its head into the container while scavenging for leftover food. When it attempted to retract its head, it found itself ensnared, unable to free itself. Luckily, the container had perforations that allowed the wolf to breathe and consume some water, preventing its demise within a matter of days.

Nagpur forest guards employed a rescue kit to immobilize the wolf gently while they carefully removed the container from its head. The wolf, weakened by its ordeal, offered minimal resistance. Within a few minutes, it was freed from its confinement. Rescuers provided water to lower its body temperature and subsequently allowed it to reunite with its pack.


The entire rescue operation spanned approximately three hours, but the efforts were undoubtedly worthwhile. Tanay expressed his sadness witnessing such a magnificent creature trapped and teetering on the brink of death due to human ignorance. As he trailed the wolf, he documented the entire narrative to raise awareness about how human waste profoundly affects wildlife.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the impact of our negligent waste disposal practices on the lives of innocent animals. Fortunately, this wolf survived the harrowing ordeal, but it underscores the urgent need for responsible waste management to protect our natural environments and their inhabitants.

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