(VIDEO) The poor dog, whose lower right leg was intentionally amputated and was stoned by some heartless people, ventured out in search of food. P

This unfortunate dog was in a deplorable state, having suffered the intentional amputation of his lower right leg.


A dedicated team of rescuers from Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary had tirelessly searched for him on numerous occasions, but he remained elusive. By the time they finally located him, he seemed to have lost all hope and appeared resigned to his fate.


According to the reporter, some heartless individuals had subjected him to stone-throwing when he ventured out in search of food. The pain and suffering he must have endured were unimaginable, all while simply trying to survive.


Upon finding him, the rescuers rushed him to a veterinarian to assess the extent of his injuries. His body bore numerous wounds from the stones that had been hurled at him. Sadly, there was no way to save his injured limb, but his weakened condition prevented immediate surgery.


Ten days later, the dog, later named Matty, had a blood analysis that revealed critically low red blood cell and hemoglobin levels, primarily due to blood loss and infection.


Dr. Riv expressed the uncertainty of Matty’s survival, stating, “His prognosis is still uncertain, as we must weigh the risks of surgery against the danger of infection from the necrotic leg tissue. We are diligently working to restore his blood levels to normal and address any emerging infections.”

As time passed, Matty began to regain strength and confidence by day 22. Although his blood counts improved, they hadn’t reached the desired levels. Unfortunately, his leg continued to deteriorate, becoming more necrotic with each passing day, necessitating amputation.


Nearly three months later, Matty found his forever home with a loving family. He thrived in his new environment with his new companion, Blake, showcasing an astonishing capacity for love despite the cruel treatment he had endured at the hands of humans before his rescue.


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