(VIDEO) The mother bear fought desperately with the tiger, delivering a dangerous blow that made the tiger run away to save her cub. P

Bears and tigers are both extremely fierce animals in the wild, known for their cold-blooded carnivorous nature and tremendous fighting power. When these two formidable species come face to face, it often leads to dramatic battles.


Despite being smaller and less powerful, motherhood imbues the mother bear with incredible strength to defend her cubs, as showcased in the video below.

In this particular incident, a female bear was leading her cubs to a watering hole, and they unexpectedly encountered a Bengal tiger that was also quenching its thirst. This chance meeting escalated into a fierce confrontation between the mother bear and the Bengal tiger in Tadoba National Park, India.


The tiger, seemingly unwilling to share access to the water source with the mother bear and her cubs, initiated the attack, with the intention of making a meal out of them.

However, fueled by maternal instinct, the mother bear summoned all her strength and courage to shield her cubs from the tiger’s aggression.


Despite being somewhat disadvantaged in terms of both size and strength, maternal love appeared to provide the mother bear with the added determination needed to confront the tiger and protect her cubs.

After a grueling 15-minute battle, both the Bengal tiger and the mother bear sustained injuries. Nevertheless, the crucial outcome was that the mother bear successfully repelled the dangerous predator, safeguarded her cubs, and ensured their access to the water source.


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