(VIDEO) The hurt dog cried and was sad when he saw other dogs being loved and appreciated in the pet store. P

Allow me to introduce you to Serena! I first spotted this girl in the parking lot of a pet store, and something immediately caught my attention. The way she lay there, I could tell something wasn’t right. As I approached, I noticed two massive piles of vomit beside her; whatever they had fed her clearly didn’t agree with her stomach.


I decided to go into the store and inquire about her. They told me that Serena had shown up there in the afternoon, and both the store staff and some kind-hearted customers had tried to feed her.

But how did Serena end up there? Who had abandoned this poor girl, and how long had she been living on the streets?

It became apparent that Serena was terrified of people. I approached her cautiously, softly saying, “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” Slowly, she seemed to understand, and she started to walk towards me.


I gently placed her in my car so that she could spend the night in a safe and welcoming environment. The first priority was getting her to the veterinary clinic for a thorough examination and some much-needed care.


Serena trembled, as though she were pleading not to be hurt again. She was painfully thin and covered in dirt, wearing an old collar and bearing various scars from her time on the streets. Serena had clearly been through a lot, but she remained a remarkably sweet and gentle girl.


Fast forward, and Serena now radiates her own unique energy. She received deworming and flea treatments to address her immediate health concerns. Serena may be walking down the street again, but this time, it’s a walk unlike any other.


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