(VIDEO) The dog was run over by a train, his hind legs were broken and was on the verge of death. P

In a world filled with adversity, Lala’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of survival. Lala, a courageous dog, faced a near-fatal accident when she was tragically run over by a train, resulting in severe injuries and a fading will to live. She was discovered on the brink of death.


Against all odds, a group of compassionate rescuers intervened just in the nick of time, offering her a lifeline and a chance at a fresh start. Lala defied all expectations and emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration after months of intensive medical treatment, unwavering care, and the love of her foster family.


Lala’s harrowing journey began when rescuers found her broken and lifeless body in a pool of her own blood. Her hind legs were mangled and fractured from the railway accident, pushing her to the edge of despair. It was an image that tugged at the heartstrings of everyone who witnessed her suffering, igniting a fervent

determination to save her life.


Racing against time, the rescue team rushed Lala to the sanctuary of K9 Rescue Korat. The tireless efforts of the rescue team and the skilled care provided by dedicated veterinarians gave Lala a glimmer of hope. Countless surgeries, meticulous wound care, and therapy became her daily routine as she embarked on her arduous road to recovery.


Despite losing the use of her hind legs, Lala refused to surrender. Her resilience and unwavering spirit served as a wellspring of inspiration for everyone involved in her healing journey. Through physical therapy and adaptive equipment, Lala gradually adapted to her new reality, learning to navigate the world with her front legs.


Lala’s transformation extended beyond her physical healing. Her foster mother, Parry Yoomuenwai, created a compassionate and supportive environment that allowed her spirit to flourish. Surrounded by other rescued dogs and cats, Lala learned the art of resilience and adaptability.


Parry Yoomuenwai’s unwavering passion and dedication provided Lala with the care and attention she needed. Regular exercises, specialized therapy, and an abundance of love allowed Lala to lead her best life despite her physical limitations. Her foster home evolved into a sanctuary where she could thrive, grow, and bask in the joys of unconditional love.


Lala’s remarkable journey from the brink of death to a life filled with love and happiness became possible due to the collective efforts of a compassionate community. The outpouring of emotional and financial support played a pivotal role in Lala’s incredible recovery. Her story touched the hearts of countless individuals who rallied together to raise funds for her medical treatments and ongoing care.


Volunteers, rescue organizations, and generous donors who wholeheartedly contributed to Lala’s second chance at life deserve our deepest gratitude. Their unwavering support not only saved a life but also ignited a spark of hope that continues to inspire others facing similar challenges.

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