(VIDEO) The dog was left behind when her owner moved away, and her paw was seriously injured by being caught in agricultural machinery, leaving her unable to walk and in extreme pain. P

Iris, a dog believed to have had a harrowing encounter with farming machinery, has finally received the tender loving care she desperately needed after a challenging rescue mission.


Iris was left behind when her owners moved away, and her paws were badly injured, rendering her unable to walk properly. Despite the property owner and new renters immediately seeking assistance, Iris endured a month of pain and isolation until Pinky Paws ResQ, based in Selma, California, successfully captured her. During that agonizing month, her paw wounds deteriorated, and she lost a substantial amount of weight.


The rescue group recounted their efforts, highlighting the initial futile attempts to rescue Iris. They had called the Fresno Humane Society on October 7, but no help arrived. The call was made again on October 8, and this time, they did receive a response, but Iris was elusive, dragging her injured back end, ultimately slipping away. It seemed as though a trap had been set, but it had not.


Determined and unwavering, the rescuers, along with some dedicated friends, tirelessly searched for Iris over several days, facing challenging conditions and dwindling hope. Then, on November 3rd, three weeks later, they spotted her once more, shockingly emaciated and unrecognizable. She darted through underbrush and vines, their pursuit lasting for hours but hindered by the encroaching darkness.


Despite their initial setbacks, Pinky Paws ResQ refused to give up and pleaded for volunteers. Their call was answered by more than 20 individuals of all ages, eager to help. They documented the triumphant moment when they finally managed to catch Iris and transport her to safety.

Photographs of Iris’s paws revealed the extent of her suffering, with raw, scraped skin and visible pieces of plastic and bone protruding from her back paws. Astonishingly, the veterinarian found no broken bones, a miraculous outcome, but suspected that Iris might have been entangled in some form of farming machinery.


The treatment for her injured paws was undoubtedly painful, but Iris was now on the path to recovery. Pinky Paws ResQ acknowledged that Iris remained deeply fearful of people and exhibited skittishness when approached. Nevertheless, she was destined for the care of an experienced foster home, where she would receive the patience, love, and support she so rightfully deserved.




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