(VIDEO) The abandoned puppy, crying and unable to stand due to a spinal cord injury, brought tears to everyone who witnessed this heartbreaking scene. P

The heart-wrenching sight of an abandoned puppy, crying and unable to stand, brought tears to the eyes of everyone who witnessed this heartbreaking scene.


It was an ordinary day at the veterinary food store when one of our clients noticed something unusual outside – a whimpering puppy, incapable of standing or walking. We didn’t know what had transpired in his past, but something was definitely amiss, and our immediate instinct was to offer help.

Without hesitation, we brought the distressed puppy inside for a thorough examination. He was clearly in pain, frightened, and in desperate need of assistance. We tried our best to comfort him, but it was evident that his condition required more than what we could provide. Thus, the decision was made to rush him to the vet for a more comprehensive evaluation.


Our initial relief came when we learned that there were no broken bones, as revealed by the veterinarian. However, there were concerns of a spinal cord injury affecting his nerves. Medication was prescribed to alleviate the pain and inflammation in Lucky’s spinal cord, but despite the treatment, his cries persisted, and he remained unable to stand.

To delve further into Lucky’s condition, we opted for an X-ray. The results confirmed the absence of fractures, but the spinal cord injury was indeed causing him substantial discomfort. Medication was administered to ease the pain and inflammation in his spinal cord.


Lucky, our resilient puppy, swiftly became an integral part of our family. Each day, he exhibited remarkable progress. He displayed the determination to lift his head and feed himself, and fortunately, he possessed a hearty appetite, making our caregiving efforts more manageable.


Despite not knowing the exact circumstances of his previous injection, we noticed an abscess at the injection site that was festering and needed immediate attention. Although Lucky still couldn’t walk, he was thriving in other aspects. His appetite remained robust, and he dutifully took his medication. We diligently tended to the abscess, cleansing it daily as it continued to discharge pus.


As time went by, Lucky made remarkable strides in his recovery. He gradually regained mobility in all his legs and even enjoyed a soothing bath. The abscess eventually dried up and showed signs of healing. The moment we witnessed Lucky running for the first time since his injury filled us with overwhelming joy. He was undeniably a survivor, and it was a privilege to be part of his remarkable journey.


It became evident that Lucky was destined to be a permanent member of our family, so we made the heartwarming decision to officially adopt him. Today, Lucky is a content and healthy dog, cherished above all else in our household. During his recent vaccination visit, his fear of needles was evident as he urinated in his cage, but it only made us appreciate his resilient spirit even more.


Lucky will forever remain our little miracle, and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have him in our lives, despite his initial hardships.


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