(VIDEO) Strangely, the parrot can speak human language and sing as well as a singer, making everyone extremely happy. P

Good, we’re gonna start with the easy when he talks a little bit, but we’re just gonna do it easy one to warm them up.

So we’re gonna see if you can say hi, hey, ready, hey, can you say hi, Chloe?

Oh, it’s okay, don’t be shy, they’re nice, ready.

Can you say hi, quality, okay, Okay, Tommy’s a little nervous, just just a high quality thing, very literal.

Yeah, It’s a comedy, I get it.

Okay, Okay, just let’s rephrase the question.


How about this?

Why aren’t you wave with your foot and just say hi, okay, gonna do some people, sounds ready.

Get my big kiss.

Good, and this one is very realistic, can you pop?

You’re never gonna see if you can do a little dancing for you folks, can you dance?

Let’s try this.

This is his one big impression.

This will be qualities impression of watching a really fast race, so its quality.

But he’s watching a race.

Then it’s an impression.

Yes, okay, ready, ready, you’re very handsome, but it.

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