(VIDEO) Strange ‘Human Faced’ Goat Born In China.P

The unusual creature in question has a facial structure that closely resembles that of a human, while the rest of its body takes on the appearance of a goat.

A mutant goat found in India has left people astounded after footage of this peculiar creature was shared online.

The discovery of the goat in India led to the circulation of bizarre footage on the internet, leaving viewers equally astonished and shocked.


The creature displays a facial structure that appears remarkably human-like, with its lips curving upwards to form a pout on its face. Furthermore, its posture resembles that of a human rather than the typical stance of a goat.

These images were posted on social media by Samiraa Aissa, who shared these strange snapshots with her Facebook friends. The images were extracted from a video that depicts two individuals examining the creature while attempting to ascertain its identity.

Since being posted online, the video has already garnered 37,000 views. In her post, Samiraa wrote, “A strange creature has been discovered in India. The creature, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village.”


Earlier this year, a pair of amorous rats captured the attention of social media users due to their human-like displays of affection.

This peculiar mutant goat has amazed internet users with its unusual human-like facial features.

This viral video puzzled Chinese internet users as it seemingly depicted rats engaging in sexual activity in a very human-like posture. Netizens on Chinese social media platforms expressed their surprise at witnessing the rotund rodents getting frisky in public, and in a missionary position, no less.


While animal experts and rodent researchers may argue that such scenes are not uncommon, the majority of online users stated that they had never seen anything like it before.


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