(VIDEO) Heartbreaking: Mother dog sees off puppy with one last kiss before giving it to another family

A devastated mother dog was forced to say goodbye to her puppies at the Care of Canines shelter in Central China.


Since mid-September, when she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies, the mixed-breed stray pooch has been in the care of students at Zhengzhou University in Henan province.


The video, which was shot on Monday, shows the tearful mother kissing her brown pup goodbye before turning, tail down, and walking away, but not before returning to give her puppy one final glance.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take excellent care of your puppy,” the owner promised. “I’m leaving.” “Can they be adopted together?” the aunt asked.


In the video, the mother dog turns her head and marches away with her tail between her legs, but she glances back one last time before disappearing.


This heartbreaking scene touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide, with many saying that the tragic parting looked like something straight out of a movie.


“I’ve never seen something so sad!” one person commented. “I’m crying.” “Can they be adopted together?” inquired another.


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