(VIDEO) “Devil-faced chicken” is a unique breed of chicken, all black, inside and out, very rare and has a very high selling price. P

The devil-faced chicken, also known as the Indonesian black chicken, is a unique breed originating from Indonesia. Its striking feature is its entirely black body, both inside and out, making it stand out from typical chicken breeds. This striking appearance, including a black crest, beak, plumage, legs, claws, flesh, and internal organs, has earned it the name “devil-faced chicken.”


Due to its distinct characteristics and rarity, this chicken breed falls into the category of rare poultry and animals, resulting in a high selling price. It can cost up to $2,500 for a single chicken, making it a substantial investment for potential buyers.

In recent years, the devil-faced chicken has gained popularity in the Vietnamese market, with many large chicken farms exploring farming techniques in Indonesia to raise this unique breed. This effort has led to successful breeding programs in various provinces and cities across Vietnam.


The meat of the devil-faced chicken is highly prized for its unique qualities. While the black color may not be immediately visible, it is known for its tenderness, exceptional flavor, and high nutritional content. The meat, rich in iron, is particularly beneficial, especially for expectant mothers.

Beyond its culinary appeal, the devil-faced chicken is also considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, believed to bring good fortune to its owners.

In terms of size and reproduction, the devil-faced chicken is not significantly larger than common chicken breeds. Males typically weigh between 2 and 2.5 kg, while females weigh between 1.5 and 2 kg on average. Each female can lay nearly 100 eggs annually, making it a practical choice for breeding programs.


However, raising devil-faced chickens requires careful attention, especially during their early stages of development. These chickens are susceptible to diseases during the first month of life, and proper care is essential to ensure their survival.

The high price of devil-faced chickens is primarily due to their rarity and symbolic value rather than the quality of their meat. Indonesian culture associates these chickens with luck and success, leading many affluent individuals to purchase them for their perceived spiritual significance.

In conclusion, the devil-faced chicken from Indonesia is a remarkable and sought-after breed known for its distinctive appearance and cultural symbolism. Its unique qualities, high price, and rarity have contributed to its popularity among enthusiasts and those who believe in its power to bring good fortune.



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