(VIDEO) Bright blue lobsters are extremely rare, only one in every two million lobsters has this unique color. P

A fisherman from Portland, Maine, had a remarkable encounter when he caught a strikingly rare bright blue lobster off the coast of Maine. Instead of making a meal out of this extraordinary crustacean, he chose to return it to the ocean, allowing it to continue growing and thriving. The captivating image of the blue lobster was shared by tech entrepreneur Lars-Johan Larsson, who noted that blue lobsters are incredibly rare, with only one in every two million lobsters displaying this unique hue.


The distinct blue color of this lobster’s shell is the result of a genetic mutation that causes it to produce an increased amount of a specific protein, resulting in the rare blue pigmentation. While most lobsters have shells that range from red to brown, this genetic anomaly imparts a mesmerizing blue shade to the crustacean.


Fisherfolk have long considered catching a blue lobster to be a sign of good luck. In North America, where lobsters are typically greenish-brown and turn pinkish-red when boiled, a bright blue lobster like this one appears strikingly unusual. However, in Europe, lobsters tend to be a duller shade of blue, making them slightly less extraordinary to European fishermen.


Notably, lobsters can display other rare colors as well, including yellow, orange, and crystal-colored variants. Yellow lobsters occur in approximately one in 30 million lobsters, while the odds of encountering an albino or “crystal” lobster are estimated at one in 100 million. Some lucky fishermen have even come across these exceptionally rare specimens.


Blue lobsters, in particular, captivate with their unique and vibrant appearance. Restaurants and seafood establishments have been known to feature them in their catches, only to spare their lives and offer them a new home in aquatic exhibits. One chef in the UK, Austin Hopley of “The Hare” in Rochdale, decided to spare the life of a brilliant sapphire-colored lobster he named Larry. He donated the lobster to Sea Life in Manchester, where it continues to thrive.


These remarkable blue lobsters, while not the most unusual, are undeniably captivating and serve as a testament to the fascinating diversity of marine life. They remind us of the beauty and wonder that the natural world has to offer and the importance of conserving these unique and rare creatures for future generations to appreciate.


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