Video and images of two brothers fighting over a pacifier. The helpless mother did not know what to do, making netizens laugh.TS

Twin babies have shown that sibling rivalry can start at a very young age, as they playfully squabble over a pacifier in an adorable video.

Believed to be from the US, the sisters can be seen taking the pink pacifier out of each other’s mouths in a video posted by Baby Clips Daily, garnering more than 750,000 views on YouTube.

As one of the twins takes the pacifier, the other is left crying until she manages to retrieve it again.

Dressed in matching white T-shirts with contrasting green and beige trousers, the twins pass the pacifier between themselves four times in the clip.

The rivalry appears to be resolved when the baby wearing the green trousers realizes that she can avoid her sister’s grasp by turning her head to the side.

While the video has melted the hearts of many online, some have questioned why both sisters weren’t given a pacifier of their own.

The video, which dates back four months, has provoked strong reactions since being recently posted by the Italian Facebook page Love E Beautiful, where it has been viewed two million times.

Rosie-Marie Quaglieri commented on Facebook: “They’re just teaching those poor kids to be aggressive.”

Adding to the debate, Samantha Tilbury said: “Just imagine how happy and sweet they would be if they both had a pacifier. Starting sibling rivalry young. They have years for that; why can’t you enjoy the age where you can prevent it before you have no control?”

But she added: “On the positive side, they are really cute.”

Connie Savage argued that those writing negative comments needed to “get a sense of humor.”

She said: “These are rare moments that you will never see again, and you are idiots if you think there is only one pacifier. Maybe only one of the twins wanted one before the other twin realized what it was. My goodness, people, get a grip. I love this video. I have a lot of rare moment videos of my seven-month-old; my 22-year-old and my 20-year-old wished I had videos of them.”

Isye Scott echoed similar sentiments: “How cute, the video is just simply about the cute twins pulling the pacifier off each other, and the mother or father simply enjoying the cuteness of it. I bet they have dozens of them, not because they won’t give them, it’s just simply showing their cuteness. I love how she turns her face away.”

She advised the parents to enjoy the “baby fight” as it won’t be “cute anymore” when they’re older.

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