(VIDEO) A Chinese farmer has achieved an incredible feat by teaching a mutant pig to only walk on two normal legs and attracting onlookers with unique acrobatics. P

A Chinese farmer has accomplished an incredible feat by teaching a mutant pig to walk on only two normal legs. Dozens of people from the local community flock to witness the remarkable acrobatics of this unique pig.

In China, a local celebrity emerged in the form of a pig born with just two legs – not the usual four – and managed to learn to walk.


“The initial reaction was to consider it a deformity and dispose of the mutant pig at a landfill, but I decided to give the little one a chance,” explained the pig’s owner, Farmer Wang Zihai.

The newborn pig was named Zhu Xiangqing, which translates to “spirited pig.” The farmer embarked on the mission of teaching the pig to walk on its unusual legs, providing support while it slept. After a month of dedicated training, Xiangqing was capable of navigating to the feeder independently.


Now, the animal is ten months old and weighs 50 kilograms. Despite its size, the pig successfully maintains balance on two legs and moves around constantly.

Every day, curious onlookers gather at the owner’s house to witness the incredible pig’s existence.

“Circuses have offered me a substantial sum for her, but I don’t care how much they offer,” Wang Zihai declared. “With her existence, the pig has shown us that no matter what form life takes, it is worth living!” exclaimed the

passionate farmer.


Animals born with congenital anomalies are not common, but they do occasionally occur with unique irregularities. In the same region of China, a calf with six legs and two tails was born in the spring, showcasing the diversity of life’s forms.



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