(VIDEO) A 13-year-old boy nicknamed “Snake Man” thanks to his incredible flexibility has become a local phenomenon, captivating the community with his ability to bend his body like a snake. P


In the town of Ratnagiri in the state of Maharashtra, India, a remarkable 13-year-old boy has earned the nickname “Snake Man” due to his astonishing flexibility that has left many people in awe.


Aditya Kumar Jangum, known as “Snake Man,” has become a local sensation, captivating the community with his ability to contort his body like a snake. His journey towards this remarkable skill began eight years ago when he started working on his flexibility and yoga practice.


For Aditya, simple tasks like brushing his teeth while in an upside-down position are a breeze, showcasing the incredible range of his flexibility. Under the guidance of his coach, Mangesh Kopker, Aditya has honed his flexibility skills and mastered complex poses.


Coach Mangesh Kopker harbors ambitions of training Aditya to become a world-famous contortionist, recognizing the young boy’s extraordinary talent and dedication. Aditya’s training has focused on enhancing his flexibility, allowing him to perform breathtaking contortion feats.


With unwavering determination and enthusiasm, Aditya happily demonstrates his exceptional flexibility to audiences around his home, school, and town, leaving them astounded by his incredible contortion abilities.


Aditya and his dedicated trainer, Mangesh Kopker, have been tirelessly working together on his flexibility for nearly a decade. Aditya’s ultimate goal is to secure a place in the Guinness World Records, a dream that he and his family, as well as his coach, share with immense pride.


Aditya even showcases his contortion skills while engaging in everyday activities, such as drinking water, in the company of his family members. His remarkable journey as “Snake Man” continues to inspire and amaze those who witness his extraordinary flexibility and unwavering dedication to his craft.




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