(VIDEO) 5-Foot Gator SWALLOWED by 18-Foot Burmese Python in Florida Everglades P

In Everglades National Park, Ukraine, a team of workers made a gruesome discovery when they captured an 18-foot python and euthanized it on the spot. Geoscientist Rosie Moore from Florida revealed this shocking incident.


The python had consumed an alligator, and the unsettling find was made during a necropsy in the laboratory. Moore captured this discovery on video and posted it on her Instagram page. In the viral video, scientists wearing gloves examined the bulging stomach of the python before cutting it open on the floor. They then carefully extracted the fully intact alligator from the snake’s stomach.

Moore explained that the alligator’s condition was relatively preserved, with only slight decay on the outer skin layer. The osteoderms, bony deposits in the skin, were completely intact. However, the size of the alligator and the minimal decomposition caused a highly unpleasant odor during the process.


The video posted by Moore garnered significant attention, amassing over 337,000 likes and more than 2,600 comments, including one from Instagram user trusty_official, who humorously suggested cooking the entire spectacle as a unique version of a Turducken.

Burmese pythons, like the one in this incident, are considered an invasive species in Florida. Native to Asia, they are among the world’s largest snakes, capable of reaching lengths exceeding 20 feet. Florida law mandates the euthanization of Burmese pythons due to their invasive status.


In recent years, efforts have been made to control the Burmese python population in the Everglades. Late last month, more than 230 pythons were removed from the area as part of an annual competition aimed at eliminating this invasive species from the sensitive South Florida wetlands preserve. These pythons pose a significant threat to the local ecosystem due to their broad dietary preferences and ability to thrive in ecologically sensitive regions like Everglades National Park, as noted by Moore.

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