Unfortunately, when he was young, he was bitten by his mother, causing his face to deform, so now his appearance is so ugly that everyone who sees it must be afraid and shunned.

Newt, a puppy with a distinctive scar on his face, carries a permanent “grumpy old man” expression. Despite his challenging past, Newt found a new beginning when Liesl Wildhart adopted him from the New York Bully Crew shelter. Liesl, the founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, changed his name to Newt and welcomed him into her home in Eugene, Oregon.

Their meeting occurred through social media, where Liesl was immediately captivated by Newt’s pictures and videos on Instagram. She felt a strong connection and decided to make him a part of her family, joining his dog brothers, Picasso and Wacku. Newt’s unique appearance, resembling an amphibian and earning him the endearing nickname of “grumpy old guy,” didn’t hinder his ability to enjoy life.

Although Newt requires assistance with eating due to his facial deformity, Liesl ensures that he receives the care he needs. Hand-feeding him is a regular part of their routine, as Newt struggles to eat without assistance. Despite these challenges, Liesl describes him as animated, silly, and considerate towards his fellow canine companions.

Newt’s story is a testament to the resilience of animals who find loving homes. He and his siblings live life to the fullest, never dwelling on their past or what they may have lost. Their spirits remain high, and they embrace each day with joy and gratitude. Newt’s journey reminds us of the incredible capacity of animals to adapt, thrive, and bring immense happiness to those who welcome them into their lives.

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