TS.Karen Velazquez’s Healing Touch: Sanford’s Transformation from a ‘Broken Dog’ to a Radiant Source of Joy, a Testament to Compassionate Care.TS

Ever since finding sanctuary in Karen Velazquez’s care, Sanford, once deemed a “broken dog,” radiates an unending smile that warms hearts all around.

Karen, an experienced foster parent for over 50 dogs, affirms that Sanford is the most joyous canine she’s encountered. “His gaze is unlike any other, not even my own pets look at me with such adoration,” Karen shares. “His grin only fades when he’s asleep or eating.”

Sanford’s road to happiness, however, has been far from simple. Initially rescued by animal control in April after a car accident, he was left immobile. Further inspection revealed a gunshot wound on his right rear leg. Sadly, due to limited resources at the local shelter in Dallas, Texas, Sanford lacked crucial medical attention for a week.

Thankfully, a volunteer from Dallas DogRRR recognized Sanford’s urgent needs. Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director, recalls Sanford’s shattered state, seemingly on the brink of giving up. But everything changed when Sanford found refuge with Karen Velazquez.

Arriving at Karen’s home on May 1, just days post-hospitalization, Sanford’s smile became a constant. Karen believes he sensed safety and love the moment he stepped in.

Now lovingly known as “Sanfee,” Sanford relishes in home-cooked meals, daily walks, and playful moments with Karen’s other dogs. Despite being a ten-year-old senior, Sanford defies his age.

“He’s like any other ten-year-old dog,” says Anechiarico. “He’s like an elderly person in a nursing home. He may be 95 in dog years, but his spirit feels much younger.”

While Sanford cherishes his foster haven, hopes abound for his forever home. Anechiarico sees him as an ideal family companion, getting along with other pets, people, and even children.

“He’s the perfect welcoming companion,” Anechiarico emphasizes. “He’ll greet you eagerly and keep you company all day. Sanford embodies sheer, unbridled joy.”

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