Touching the dog next to its owner and calling for help in the rubble caused by the earthquake in Türkiye touched everyone

The recent devastating wave of earthquakes in Turkey has left the entire world mourning for the affected region, with the death toll reaching several thousand. Amidst the rubble and destruction, numerous sensitive videos and photo stories have emerged, shedding light on the aftermath of the earthquakes in both Turkey and Syria.

One particular photo that has captured the attention of millions of social media users is a heart-wrenching image of a pet dog, reportedly refusing to abandon its owner during the tragedy. This photo has been widely shared, with many claims attributing it to the unwavering love and loyalty that dogs possess for their masters, particularly in the context of the earthquake in Turkey.

To verify the authenticity of this photo, fact-checking efforts were initiated. A reverse image search revealed that the image in question is a stock photo from Alamy, credited to Czech photographer Jaroslav Noska and dated October 17, 2018. Interestingly, the viral photo is listed on Alamy Stock Images with the title “Dog looking for injured people in ruins after earthquake.”

Despite attempts to contact Jaroslav Noska, the photographer, and acquire further information regarding the photo’s origin and location in 2018, no response has been received as of yet. However, the article remains open to updates, and we eagerly await any responses from the photographer that could provide additional clarity.

While the specific circumstances surrounding the viral photo remain uncertain, it serves as a reminder of the deep emotional connection between humans and animals, particularly the unwavering devotion and compassion displayed by dogs in times of tragedy.


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