Touching Reunion: Mother Welcomes First Quadruplets in Two Decades with Joy.NT

“Mesmerizing Moments: New Zealand Welcomes First Quadruplets in Two Decades, Captured in Breathtaking Photos”


Renowned photographer Cassandra English gained widespread recognition for her emotionally evocative photo collection, introducing the world to the first set of quadruplets born in New Zealand in 20 years. Quinn, Indie, Molly, and Hudson, born on August 15 at 28 weeks and 4 days in Christ Church Women’s Hospital, are the children of parents Kendall and Joshua MacDonald. Their three-year-old sibling, Brooklyn, completes the loving family.




Both fraternal and identical twins, these quadruplets hold the distinction of being the first to be born in New Zealand since the 1990s. Cassandra English, who previously made headlines with a viral picture of her red-haired triplets, captured the essence of these 12-week-old babies in an enchanting Red Riding Hood-themed photoshoot. One of her videos amassed a staggering 10 million views in August of the previous year.



Cassandra’s latest endeavor aims to provide a moment of tranquility and respite from the daily grind as she invites viewers to fall in love with these adorable newborns during their first-ever photoshoot. Reflecting on the session, Cassandra expressed the honor and excitement she felt since learning about Kendall carrying these four precious miracles. While photographing redheaded triplets was challenging, capturing the essence of four babies proved to be an inspiring yet gratifying task. Documenting the early days of New Zealand’s little bundles of joy was a heartwarming privilege for the photographer.



The photoshoot took place at the quads’ Timaru nursery, allowing the infants to remain comfortable and at ease in their familiar surroundings. Cinematographer Emma Smart skillfully assisted Cassandra in preserving these timeless memories.



Creating the perfect shots required meticulous planning, with the goal of defining Cassandra’s career. From assembling a team of four babies and helpers to incorporating child safety barriers, fresh flowers, a handcrafted wreath, and a wooden bed crafted by her father, every detail was carefully orchestrated. Amidst 13 diaper changes, nine bottle feeds, numerous burps, and gurgles, the photographer dedicated 7.5 hours to achieve her vision—an effort that she considered wholly rewarding.



Cassandra’s expertise with infants stems from her extensive travels across the country, capturing hundreds of heartwarming photographs. Through her gentle touch, secure setting, keen eye for detail, and unwavering pursuit of perfection, she weaves moments of pure magic that resonate deeply with her audience.


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