Tips for layering a skirt with a stylish shirt that everyone should try. P

The button-up shirt is a familiar item to everyone, but sometimes it can make women feel a bit formal due to its office-like appearance. However, nowadays, you can “freshen up” these shirts to make them more stylish and feminine when layered with a dress.


Mixing a button-up shirt with a spaghetti strap dress is a simple yet stylish design choice. This design may not have any intricate details, but it still looks very fashionable and eye-catching. This lady combined a pastel blue long-sleeved button-up shirt with a dark-colored one-piece dress and accessorized it with a shoulder bag adorned with flowers.


She transformed her look into a sweet and innocent schoolgirl style with a bright outfit consisting of a white button-up shirt with puffed sleeves and a beige one-piece dress. The addition of Mary Jane shoes adds a gentle and stylish touch.


Wearing this button-up shirt in the summer can showcase bare shoulders and an alluring collarbone, but in the colder fall and winter months, the spaghetti strap dress can be mixed and matched with a variety of other fashion items to create numerous interesting outfit combinations. Han Ji Mi creates a charming and feminine look by pairing a white button-up shirt with a black flared spaghetti strap dress.


Camille Yolaine wears a standout blue plaid one-piece dress and layers it with a sheer white button-up shirt. This approach not only helps her stay warm in sudden cold winds but also adds a classic element to her appearance.


The spaghetti strap dress has now become a perfect addition for the transition to autumn, especially in basic black. Yooin adds a touch of elegance with a bow-tied dress mixed with an oversized striped button-up shirt, and the white layered skirt makes the outfit even sweeter.


Ladies can also experiment with mixing button-up shirts with lace-blouse combinations for a sophisticated look. When doing so, it’s advisable to choose plain, single-color dresses like ulzzang Myeni to keep the overall look clean and neat.


Sung Haeun chooses a button-up shirt with a mandarin collar to mix and match with a thick cotton beige one-piece dress. A fitted button-up shirt that hugs the body can work wonders for accentuating your figure. Adding a bucket hat and loafers completes the charming look.


For those who prefer a “girly” style, instead of plain button-up shirts, you can opt for shirts with pineapple patterns to wear with a spaghetti strap dress. Vintage loafers will bring a feminine and graceful touch, while sneakers can provide a more casual and sporty vibe.

Mixing a one-piece dress and a button-up shirt like this can breathe new life into your old clothes, making them look fresh and impressive. In the fall, layering outfits is a practical choice for the transitioning weather, allowing you to confidently dress up whether you’re going to school or for a casual outing.

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