These 3 types of skirts are ‘must have’ fashion items that every lady should have. P

1. Short Skirts

Short skirts are a familiar item for women, and regardless of your height, they are a great figure-enhancing choice. Compared to basic and dull tight-fitting silhouettes, a slightly flared short skirt brings a youthful, dynamic, and easily mixable look.


Pairing a pleated short skirt with a strappy top, a ruffled blouse, Mary Jane shoes, and high-collar white socks full of personality can make you look even fresher when going out.


A minimalistic A-line skirt with color-blocking paired with an office-ready button-up shirt or blouse creates a professional and elegant appearance.


With just a short pleated skirt paired with a long-sleeved fitted shirt like Lan Khue, you can achieve your desired look.


A white skirt paired with a deep V-neck shoulder-padded vest brings a gentle, feminine, and alluring look. This outfit can be a perfect suggestion for outings or weddings.

2. Long Skirts

Long skirts with a side slit add an alluring and elegant touch, creating an illusion of longer lower legs, which helps petite ladies appear slightly taller.


A maxi skirt with fabric-covered buttons paired with a wide blouse can give a slender and appealing look. Besides showcasing this classy and elegant style, you can mix it with various stylish and trendy tops.


Denim material, a durable fashion item that everyone should have, brings a dynamic and youthful style. The zig-zag stitching and frayed fabric edges create a new shape reminiscent of dismantled jeans.


Sleeveless tops or bodysuits offer a stylish and comfortable street style outfit.

3. Flared Skirts

To create a stylish, well-organized, and professional look in a work environment, you can pair a flared skirt with a vest/blazer. A small belt can help accentuate your slim waist.


You can mix it with shoulder-baring knitted tops like model Hoang Ngan or pair it with strappy tops, ruffled blouses, etc., all of which are suitable. Different materials such as mesh, voile, lace, etc., bring different effects to your look.


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