The wonderful story of the adorable dog’s 10-year journey to adulthood attracts the attention of dog lovers.TS

“As someone who has shared their life with a dog since day one, I understand the immense joy that our furry family members bring into our daily lives. Many of us decide to welcome a puppy into our homes, but they grow up so quickly. Small and medium-sized dogs can reach 99% of their adult weight in just 9 to 10 months, while larger dogs take about 11 to 15 months to reach their full size. Despite their rapid growth, our love for them only deepens because their loyalty is truly priceless.

I was inspired to capture the journey of my girlfriend’s dog, from a playful puppy to a mature adult. Along the way, I collected 40 photos, and I must admit, I also collected a few scratches and holes in my shirts!

Photographing this pup as a young and spirited puppy was quite the adventure. She was full of energy, always nibbling on my clothes, chewing on rocks, and digging big holes in the yard. She was a little rebel, to say the least.

However, taking these pictures brought us closer together. I spent countless hours playing with her during our photo sessions, and now, as an adult, she always approaches me, asking for a back rub by placing her paw on my knee.

Of course, the journey was not without its challenges. I sacrificed three shirts to her sharp puppy teeth, endured a fair share of scratches, and nursed a few headaches. But with time, patience, and a deeper understanding of her behavior, we overcame these hurdles together.40 Photos Showing A 5-Year Difference Of Our Dog: Puppy To Adult

Out of the 40 pictures, my absolute favorite is the one with her and the black Berner mug. I captured the moment she playfully tapped the mug with her paw, causing it to spin around for about five seconds. The expression on her face during this playful interaction was absolutely priceless.40 Photos Showing A 5-Year Difference Of Our Dog: Puppy To Adult

The decision to document her transformation from a puppy to an adult was inspired by my experiences with my girlfriend’s family. When I first met her family, they had an adult Bernese Mountain dog, and I fell in love with the breed for their family-friendly nature. They always made sure everyone stayed together during our walks, patiently waiting for anyone who lagged behind. When their previous dog passed away, they welcomed a new puppy into their lives. This presented the perfect opportunity for me to document the entire growth process. Looking back, I’m grateful I did it; it’s a cherished memory for me and the entire family.”40 Photos Showing A 5-Year Difference Of Our Dog: Puppy To Adult

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