The wonderful mother dog successfully sought help for her children. Ending a cramped life in a small sewer.TS

When a compassionate rescuer learned about a pregnant dog, he didn’t hesitate to fulfill a promise he had made to his late mother. What unfolded next left an indelible mark on my soul.

Dogs are truly remarkable creatures, always ready to offer unconditional affection, especially to the little ones they are willing to protect with their lives. This is precisely the story of Gaia, a pregnant dog abandoned on the streets of California.

Despite the hardships she faced, this lovely dog never gave up and tirelessly worked every day to scrounge up a small amount of food for the helpless souls growing within her.

The heroic mother sacrificed everything to safeguard her unborn babies, right to the very end.

During her journey, Gaia encountered two kind-hearted individuals who looked after her throughout her last trimester of pregnancy. Despite their desire to provide her with a home, the wild dog refused to trust humans again, choosing instead to care for her offspring on her own.

However, the concerned women sought the assistance of the Bill Foundation to ensure that Gaia received all the necessary support when giving birth to her puppies. Additionally, they reached out to Hope For Paws to find a home for both the dog and her soon-to-arrive babies.

This is when a rescuer named Eldad Hagar entered the scene. He arrived at the scheduled birthing location in search of the dog and her puppies, but was disappointed to find only the three babies and no sign of the mother.

“I kept checking behind me to make sure the mother didn’t flee to protect her cubs,” Eldad explained.

Soon after, a stranger approached the rescuer and delivered the heartbreaking news: the dog had been run over and lay by the side of the road, barely clinging to life.

Eldad rushed to the spot where he discovered the dog’s almost lifeless body and, inspired by the situation, made the most significant promise of his life with his final breath: “I’m sorry they treated you this way. I promise I’ll save your children.”

Eldad quickly returned to where the puppies were, determined to fulfill his promise, but the puppies were frightened and had hidden in a large hole.

Eldad used food to capture their attention and coax them out of hiding, successfully rescuing one of the puppies, named Sydney. However, her cries led her siblings to retreat further into the hole, beyond Eldad’s reach.

“At that moment, the other two puppies were terrified and didn’t come out for two hours,” Eldad explained.

Worried that the puppies might sink deeper into the hole, making their rescue increasingly challenging, Eldad carried their mother’s lifeless body closer to encourage them.

This ultimately led to the rescue of the adorable Matilda, but there was still one more puppy to save. After four long hours of waiting, the third puppy decided to come out; she proved more challenging to capture than her brothers and was named Gabriella.

Once the three puppies were reunited, the rescuer transported them to a shelter, where they found a new, loving family within a couple of days who would provide them with all the love Gaia would have wished for.

This heart-wrenching tale serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of showing compassion toward stray animals, especially during delicate times like pregnancy. Gaia was an incredible mother, and she will be forever remembered for all she did for her babies on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

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