The truck driver fell in love with the pit bull named Hickory after seeing a photo of the dog and spent nearly two days driving non-stop to adopt him. P

Mario Rodriguez, a truck driver, found himself head over heels in love with a pit bull named Hickory after seeing a picture of him. Hickory, a two-year-old pit bull with an infectious grin, was unfortunately on the euthanasia list at the Animal Care Center Shelter in New York.


Mario had a deep affection for pit bulls from his childhood and couldn’t bear to deny Hickory the chance to experience a fulfilling life.

“My family collectively raised this breed, and I also raised my own children with these dogs. They show so much affection,” Mario shared.


However, there was a significant obstacle in Mario’s path: he was working in California while Hickory was in New York. Faced with the heartbreaking possibility of losing this beautiful dog, Mario took a bold step and made several calls from California to save Hickory.


The drive from California to New York can take nearly two days without stopping, but they managed to plan the truck route to get there. Mario kept in touch with the shelter every day, determined to ensure Hickory’s safety.

“I called the shelter every day. By the third day, they knew my phone number by heart. They would answer, ‘Yes, Mario, he’s still here,'” Mario recalled.


With a sense of urgency and excitement, Mario sped up his journey to meet the newest member of his family. The most surprising and heartwarming moment was witnessing Hickory’s joy and understanding when he realized that Mario had come to rescue him.

“When I told him we were going, he started wagging his tail wildly, and he couldn’t stop jumping on me and showering me with kisses,” Mario described their reunion.


Upon arriving home, Hickory quickly bonded with his two new pit bull brothers. However, when Mario had to return to work, Hickory refused to let him go. That’s when Hickory became Mario’s new co-pilot, the perfect solution for their family.


“He’s become my ideal co-worker, and he’s content as we venture into new territories,” Mario shared. “We often stop at parks and farms, where he barks at cows and meets horses. He’s having a blast.”


Hickory now has his own bed inside the truck for peaceful nights on the road. Mario and Hickory are an inseparable duo, enjoying countless memorable moments together as they navigate life’s adventures.

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