“The stray dog was freed from 6 pounds of fur that had not been cared for for too long and discovered the beauty in the back”

When Pilgrim, a stray dog, was discovered by the Stray Rescue of St. Louis in November 2018, his condition was heartbreaking. Found shivering and huddled under a car, Pilgrim was in a state of illness that shocked his rescuers. Described as being “literally frozen to the pavement,” Pilgrim was understandably terrified of strangers and showed signs of extreme fear. Adding to his suffering, his fur was severely matted, causing him pain and limiting his movement.


With determination and compassion, the rescuers at Stray Rescue worked to warm Pilgrim up and bring him to safety. At the vet clinic, the team started the process of shaving off his tangled fur, revealing a sweet soul hidden beneath years of neglect. The amount of fur removed was staggering, totaling six pounds. In addition, it was discovered that Pilgrim had a broken pelvis, likely the result of being run over by a car.

Recognizing that Pilgrim still had much life to live, the team at Stray Rescue launched a fundraising campaign to cover the costs of his necessary surgery. Throughout his treatment, Pilgrim displayed remarkable behavior, seemingly understanding the incredible efforts being made on his behalf. His resilience and gratitude shone through, inspiring all who cared for him.

After recovering from his harrowing ordeal, Pilgrim was adopted by his foster family, bringing an end to his suffering and providing him with the loving home he deserved. The transformation of Pilgrim’s life serves as a heartwarming reminder of the importance of rescuing and caring for animals in need. Every pet deserves a chance at happiness and a loving forever home, and Pilgrim’s story is a shining example of the impact that compassion and dedicated rescue efforts can have.

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