The story of the adorable Dalmatian dog with a heart-shaped nose delighted netizens.

Upon Wiley’s arrival in his new home, his owner Lexi Smith was quick to notice something extraordinary about him. This Dalmatian puppy has risen to online stardom due to a distinctive heart-shaped marking gracing his nose.

Emerging from a litter of 11, with the majority being male, Wiley’s standout feature is not the sole reason Lexi chose him. Their connection was a matter of the heart, for they shared a special bond right from the start.

Lexi humorously recalls, “I chose him because the breeder told me that all he did was sleep, snuggle, and eat, so we already had a lot in common.”
Residing in Colorado, Wiley and his owner are surrounded by an environment that allows the pup to expend his boundless energy. Wiley enjoys exploring the vast, breathtaking landscapes and partaking in playful activities at the expansive dog parks in the area.

Despite the inherent stubbornness common among Dalmatians, Lexi doesn’t let it dampen her spirits. She considers herself blessed to have Wiley by her side, appreciating his cuteness and good nature. Wiley’s insatiable need for attention doesn’t just extend to Lexi and her family – he attracts it from a wide audience.

Describing him as attached to her hip, Lexi relishes the constant companionship. Wiley has achieved celebrity status with over 130,000 followers on his Instagram account (@hi.wiley). For those eager to witness more of this endearing Dalmatian’s heartwarming adventures, they can join his journey on Instagram.



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