The sanctuary that exists for unfortunate and disabled dogs in Thailand has created an incredibly touching and happy community. P


Undoubtedly, heartwarming tales of various animals being rescued from the streets serve as a testament to the presence of compassion in the world. However, what a Thai animal sanctuary achieves with animals having special needs is nothing short of remarkable.


In a world plagued by widespread adversity, thousands of animals find themselves abandoned, homeless, or born into the harsh realities of street life. In Thailand, this issue takes on a unique dimension, as Thai culture does not traditionally embrace the idea of socializing with homeless animals.

Despite the prevailing lack of care for this marginalized group of animals, one individual in Thailand has taken it upon themselves to address the situation. Michael J. Baines, a Swedish chef residing in Thailand, embarked on a mission to rescue stray animals and establish a sanctuary for them. Michael serves as the president and one of the founders of The Man That Rescues Dogs, an animal rescue organization located in Chon Buri.

Throughout his remarkable journey, Michael has saved over 2,000 animals from the harsh streets, encompassing dogs and cats alike. His sanctuary specializes in rescuing injured animals, affording them a renewed lease on life.


Michael’s initial involvement began with providing food to the street animals, but upon realizing the extensive need for assistance, he resolved to create the sanctuary. Presently, the sanctuary houses more than 600 animals, a formidable responsibility that he and his dedicated team undertake.


Chris Chidichimo, Michael’s primary assistant, along with 30 other devoted staff members, tend to the needs of the shelter’s animals. Beyond caring for the rescued dogs and cats, they contend with unforeseen challenges daily, as is customary for any rescue organization.


Chris confided, “The most challenging aspect is managing unforeseen events. Our daily routine encompasses feeding, walking, cleaning, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. Adaptability is essential, yet it presents a formidable task.”


Each day at the sanctuary commences with a 6 a.m. walk for all the animals, including those reliant on wheelchairs. Following the morning stroll, they are treated to a nourishing meal. Subsequently, there is time for them to relieve themselves and for the shelter’s diligent staff to clean their living spaces.


Furthermore, at 7 a.m., a food truck embarks on its mission to feed the community’s 350 homeless dogs, underscoring the sanctuary’s commitment to alleviating the suffering of street animals.


Chris elucidated, “At 10 a.m., we conduct hydro and physiotherapy sessions to provide our disabled dogs with essential exercise. Later in the day, at 2:00 p.m., we take the dogs for another walk, feed them, and ensure their living quarters remain clean.”


The remarkable efforts of Michael, Chris, and their dedicated team stand as a testament to the boundless compassion and commitment required to make a significant difference in the lives of animals with special needs. Their daily routines and unwavering dedication epitomize the essence of selflessness and benevolence, setting a profound example for all.

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