The rescued abandoned dog and fox became close friends and were inseparable, making the owner and everyone extremely happy. P

It’s a heartwarming tale straight out of a Disney film!

When Pauline Ashanolla rescued a six-month-old fox named Marley, she couldn’t predict how her dogs would react to their new fox sibling.


“At first, I was concerned about Marley, especially about how she would get along with the dogs. Ernie, my bulldog, was terrified of Marley initially, and she didn’t like him either. But gradually, they began sleeping closer to each other,” she shared in an interview with the Daily Mail, reminiscing about the early encounters between Marley and her bulldog Ernie.

Over time, an incredible bond began to form between these diverse animals as they spent more time together.

“They started playing together after about three weeks,” Ashanolla recalled. “One day, they just started running around together, and they’ve been best friends ever since.”


“They’re inseparable; they do everything together,” she continued. “They play together all day, sleep side by side every night, and even go for walks together.”

Ashanolla, an animal enthusiast residing on the English Isle of Wight, explained that a couple from her community found little Marley abandoned in April when the fox was just two weeks old.

Unable to locate a nearby animal rescue, they brought the tiny cub to Ashanolla. She gave up her dream of becoming a dog groomer to provide care for Marley.

“Marley was covered in flies and ticks when we found her. They were in her ears, all over her tiny body,” Ashanolla recollected. “She was vomiting massive worms that were longer than she was. If they had found her just 15 minutes later, she wouldn’t have made it.”


For the next six weeks, Ashanolla nursed the young fox back to health. She syringe-fed Marley kitten milk every 90 minutes, day and night, and administered the necessary medication to address her worm and tick infestations.

“After the first round of medication, it was clear she wasn’t improving. She ended up on medication for four months,” Ashanolla explained. “I received a lot of help and guidance from vets and fox rescues, but taking care of her has been a tremendous commitment.”

“I’m exhausted,” she added. “Marley has aged me about ten years, and I had to let go of my dream job because of her, but it’s all been worth it to see her so happy and healthy.”


Ashanolla has also been delighted to witness the blossoming friendship between Marley and Ernie.

“When I take Ernie for a walk without Marley, she gets overjoyed when he returns home. She goes crazy because she adores him,” Ashanolla revealed. “I call Ernie Marley’s babysitter, my little nanny dog. If I need to get something done or if I’m tired, I’ll tell him to ‘go play with your little sister.'”

“It’s truly heartwarming to see how closely they’ve bonded; it’s a very extraordinary friendship,” she concluded.

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