The rarest species of reticulated python, famous for its unique ability to reflect colors like a rainbow. P

Jay Brewer, a herpetologist based in California, has unveiled one of the rarest Reticulated pythons, which are not well-known but famous for their unique color reflections.


On his Instagram page, Jay Brewer recently shared footage of one of the rarest and most unusual black snakes, renowned for their distinctive rainbow-like color reflections when exposed to sunlight. He posted several videos of this snake on his page, capturing the fascination of viewers and followers.


In a statement to CNN, Brewer confirmed that this snake is not poisonous and has gained admiration from visitors and even celebrities due to its remarkable colors.

This rare and unique snake was born five years ago at the American Reptile Zoo. Its uniqueness stems from the presence of two specific types of genes, a result of selective breeding by combining two different species to achieve this extraordinary coloration.

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