The race against time to save the dog’s life in critical condition. The doctor’s extraordinary efforts and the dog’s gratitude were shown through an emotional hug.TS

Having to Say Goodbye to a Dog Due to Suffering and Little Chance of Recovery is a Tremendously Hard and Difficult Moment.

However, in cases like Robi’s, a dog found injured and immediately placed on the euthanasia list, miracles do exist.

With stories like these, it’s necessary to be aware that extreme caution should always be exercised when taking an injured animal to a shelter. Despite the contradiction, many places are, in fact, ‘kill shelters.’

They won’t go to great lengths to save every creature that arrives. On the contrary, they will be dedicated to sacrificing animals, treating it like a shopping list. Obviously, sometimes there’s no other option, but not always.

There were 5 minutes left for a healthy dog to be euthanized.

The only issue with Robi was that he was found limping from an injury to one of his legs. If treated like any other stray, he would have been euthanized immediately by the authorities.

The plan was to sedate all the dogs equally, regardless of their condition. Then, a lethal dose would be administered to force Robi and the others in the group to die.

The poor puppy was just 5 minutes away from being euthanized when suddenly his rescuers began shouting to halt the procedure and request Robi’s salvation.

Luckily, it was a cry for justice in the nick of time, which managed to stop such an act of cowardice. He was taken to VetRanch, where the veterinarians made a discovery that left them stunned.

The innocent puppy was actually in robust health, with no broken bones and completely out of danger. It wasn’t true that he had a broken leg; it was only bruised, causing him to limp.

Was he really going to be euthanized for a simple bruise on his leg? What if the same was done to those who ordered his life to be ended? Well, that would be fair, wouldn’t it? Don’t you think?

Studies showed that he had no permanent or serious injuries.

There’s no doubt that Robi is a lucky pup. But the story doesn’t end there. It wasn’t until after saving his life that his heroes realized how much he loved hugs. He’s the most adorable thing in the world.

The group of veterinarians said they became very attached to Robi, as he is a very sweet and grateful dog. They emphasized the need for extreme caution in making the hasty decision to euthanize an innocent being unnecessarily.

His veterinarian couldn’t stop hugging him.

“It’s hard to think that we were so close to needlessly killing such a friendly and gentle being like Robi,” one of the rescuers said.

It didn’t take long for Robi to become famous for giving the best gratitude hugs. He seems to express how happy he is to be alive with them.

A month after his rescue and complete recovery, Robi was taken to a new home where he is currently cared for and loved by his new family. His new mom says they are both happy with the encounter.

“Rest assured that Robi is being pampered properly,” his new mom said.

When an animal is very ill or so injured that their quality of life can never be good or acceptable, the decision to euthanize can be the most beautiful and compassionate favor we can do for them. However, we want to remind you from Zoorpreпdeпte that the decision made because they are abandoned and have no home should make us feel ashamed as a society.

Congratulations, Robi, for overcoming death and finding that owner you were waiting for, one who will shower you with affection! Your story should stir consciences.

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