The puppy was abandoned in a cardboard box on the front porch. He is blind and has to use his keen sense of smell and touch to find his way. P

When a veterinarian in Antigua discovered a tiny puppy inside a cardboard box on his porch, he immediately recognized her uniqueness. What touched his heart was the puppy’s perpetual squint and furrowed brow, making her stand out from the rest.


The veterinarian wasted no time and reached out to the local rescue organization, Dogs and Cats of Antigua. They swiftly responded by rescuing the stray puppy and gave her the name Faith. Despite her hunger and blindness, they believed they could provide her with a second chance at a happy life.

In many places, special needs dogs like Faith often face euthanasia due to the lack of adopters and funding for their care. However, Faith’s story took a different turn. Antigua Dogs and Cats stepped in, covering her veterinary expenses and even worked with authorities to allow her to fly to the United States for the necessary medical treatment.


Upon arriving at her foster mother Kate Venezia’s house, Faith displayed a remarkable determination that left Venezia in awe. Despite her blindness, Faith quickly learned to navigate the unfamiliar surroundings, using her keen senses of smell and touch to find her way around.

Faith’s fearless attitude was evident as she fearlessly moved about, occasionally bumping into objects but always getting back on her feet and continuing her exploration.


Venezia noted, “She is unfazed by anything. If she runs into something, she just gets back up and starts running.”

Faith relied on her acute hearing and sense of smell to move through Venezia’s home, often ending up right on top of her foster mom’s feet. She had a deep affection for people and always wanted to be near Venezia. She could even tell when her foster mom was nearby, lifting her nose in the air to catch her scent.


Faith’s journey towards finding her forever home continued with a thorough medical examination at Animal Haven, a rescue organization based in New York City. As soon as Faith’s heartwarming photos were shared on Facebook, adoption applications flooded in, proving that her unwavering spirit had captured the hearts of many. Faith’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and the incredible resilience of animals when given a chance.

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