The puppy is happy and healthy with an extra tail on his face, making him look like a unicorn. P

Meet Narwhal, a cheerful and healthy puppy with a remarkable twist. He was rescued by Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue organization in Jackson, Missouri, and captured hearts with his unique feature – an extra tail on his face, giving him an appearance akin to a unicorn. Just envision the amusing sight of him attempting to catch that unusual tail!


Narwhal was discovered wandering in the cold alongside an older dog, and his special attribute didn’t go unnoticed. Upon closer examination, it became evident that he was no ordinary puppy – he had a second tail growing from his forehead.


Mac’s Mission received a flood of inquiries about whether Narwhal’s forehead tail wags after sharing photos of him on their Facebook page. While it would be endearing, his caregivers confirmed that his tail is, in fact, stationary, and they have never witnessed it wagging.

Furthermore, after a visit to the veterinarian, it was determined that Narwhal’s additional tail is not connected to any vital organs and serves no practical purpose. Dr. Heuring, with a touch of humor, remarked that the puppy seemed to have been “incorrectly assembled” and advised everyone to follow instructions carefully. Narwhal underwent a check-up and X-rays, all of which confirmed his excellent health. Although the extra tail on his face currently holds no medical significance and is only one-third the size of his actual tail, there is no need for its removal.


Dr. Heuring assured that Narwhal is completely pain-free and thoroughly enjoys extended playtime. She also expressed their affection for Narwhal and how he brings attention to other animals in need.

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