The poor stray dog was shot by the monsters, her jaw was broken into many small pieces and a wide cut ran along her neck.

The unfortunate stray dog fell victim to heartless individuals who shot her, resulting in her jaw being shattered into numerous fragments and a deep gash along her neck.


Bullet fragments were embedded in her muzzle and under her skin, posing a serious threat to her well-being. Additionally, a bone was discovered in her stomach, presenting a dangerous situation. The most distressing aspect of this ordeal was the absence of any assistance from passersby.


On the second day, a kind-hearted soul stumbled upon the injured dog standing in a puddle, desperately in need of help. The surgical procedure to address Amora’s wounds proved to be an extensive and painstaking process, lasting over three hours.


Subsequently, she underwent a second surgery to repair her fractured bone and esophagus. Despite being administered copious amounts of painkillers, Amora continued to endure excruciating pain.


To aid her recovery, the doctor recommended a regimen of exercises aimed at improving her blood circulation. Pain management remained a significant challenge, exacerbated by severe purulent irritation within her oral cavity. Despite their best efforts, including encouragement and humor, Amora’s spirits remained subdued.


After a month, the support structure was removed as it had fulfilled its purpose. Although her jaw remained somewhat immobile, causing minor difficulties in her mobility, the doctor anticipated that she would regain her ability to eat in about a month.


Two months later, Amora exhibited remarkable progress. She could now independently feed herself, her esophageal issues had been successfully resolved, and the most astonishing news was that she was ready to be discharged from the hospital.


Amora’s journey was fraught with hardships and obstacles, but the unwavering dedication of the medical team prevailed. Her transformation left everyone at the veterinary clinic astonished. Despite the agony she endured and the brink of death she faced, Amora maintained her faith in humanity, and her life has since been brimming with love and happiness.



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