The poor mother dog was abandoned while she was pregnant and lost all 21 of her puppies after she went into critical labor, making everyone extremely sad. P

A pregnant mother dog found herself abandoned at the Boone Area Humane Society after enduring a grueling 24-hour labor. Her condition became critical, necessitating an emergency C-section procedure. During the operation, she experienced two life-threatening episodes but was eventually stabilized. To aid her recovery, she received a crucial blood transfusion and was meticulously monitored in the intensive care unit of Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.


In a heart-wrenching Facebook post, the Boone Area Humane Society revealed, “The veterinarians at ISU also informed us that this resilient dog is a senior, having endured numerous litters of puppies in the past. She should have been enjoying her golden years, but instead, she was bred and then callously abandoned when her labor became too difficult.”


The mother dog, named Ruthie, miraculously gave birth to 21 puppies. Sadly, despite the relentless efforts of the veterinary team, all of the puppies perished. They were severely underdeveloped, and in the crowded womb with 21 siblings, they couldn’t receive the nourishment they needed to survive.


As for Ruthie, her condition improved with each passing day. She began eating independently and regained her strength, even venturing outside. Eventually, she was discharged from the hospital and placed with a loving foster family, where her rehabilitation journey continued. Ruthie exhibited a wonderful temperament despite her ordeal.


Meanwhile, the Boone Area Humane Society is steadfastly working to bring legal charges against the individual responsible for abandoning Ruthie to suffer. However, they face significant challenges due to Iowa’s lenient animal protection regulations, making it an uphill battle to seek justice for Ruthie and her ill-fated puppies.

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