The poor dog’s life was ruined because he was abandoned by the people until he went blind, lost his eyes, and his journey to find happiness was full of emotions. P

Fortunately, there exist Earthly angels who wholeheartedly exemplify that love is capable of performing miracles, aiding the most vulnerable creatures in overcoming adversity and discovering happiness.

Meet Puddin, a gentle canine soul who embarked on a challenging journey in her early days. Rescued by her previous owners in Texas, USA, when she was a mere five months old, her life was marred by neglect. Tragically, just six weeks later, she lost her life to an eye infection that robbed her of her sight.


Puddin’s journey took an even more challenging turn as she arrived at the Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). With her eyes irreparably damaged, they had to be removed, and her eye sockets meticulously stitched shut.

Her new guardian, Cory Gonzales, a 22-year-old student hailing from Lubbock, Texas, explained that when she received Puddin, the poor pup was already injured due to her previous owners’ neglectful care. It took the animal protection organization longer than expected to legally intervene, and by the time they secured custody, Puddin’s eyes had been entirely destroyed.


The SPCA found Puddin suffering from a severe eye infection, and a specialist confirmed that her blindness was a direct result of the damage inflicted by the condition. An in-depth examination revealed that she was experiencing significant discomfort.

Remarkably, despite her lack of vision, Puddin radiates an infectious joy, displaying an admirable zest for life. This resilient pup has undeniably captured the hearts of countless social media users.

In the pursuit of improving her quality of life, Puddin underwent the removal of her eyes, a decision that allowed her to adapt more comfortably to her new reality.


Cory has been diligently documenting Puddin’s adventures on her Instagram account since adopting him three months ago. With over 8,000 followers, their story has made a significant impact on social media.

Puddin’s admirers revel in witnessing her learn new tricks, testifying to the boundless joy and indomitable will to live that she exudes daily. Cory affectionately refers to her as “a brave girl” who enjoys extended naps, playful paw engagements, and the warmth of her loving human.

“I fell in love with Puddin the moment I saw her online,” Cory expressed. “I returned for her the day after we met and adopted her. I believe we both consider ourselves fortunate to have crossed paths.”


At five months old, Puddin stands as a shining embodiment of love and joy. She has admirably adapted to her new life, even navigating obstacles with astonishing finesse.

Her lack of vision has not hindered her happiness; she has learned to run, explore her toys, and revel in the world through her remarkable sense of smell.

For Cory, having Puddin as a cherished companion is an immense blessing, while for the rest of the world, she symbolizes the remarkable capacity for love and care, especially towards those who have endured so much hardship. This touching and extraordinary story is one that must continue to be shared and celebrated.

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