The poor dog was detained with injuries to his ears and face. Even though he had to endure countless sufferings, he still tried to fight life with a strong will, but God brought him to his side. P

The world was left in shock at the plight of a puppy weighing less than 18 kilograms, rescued by a compassionate neighbor in Elche, Alicante, Spain. The 7-year-old mastiff, later named Ragnar in honor of the legendary Norse king Ragnar Lodbrok, was discovered in a dire state of malnutrition, clinging to life within the premises of the Urbaser cleaning company.


Upon his arrival at the Huellas Salvadas Animal Shelter, Ragnar was enveloped in love and self-sacrifice. His condition was nothing short of critical, yet his rescuers never lost hope. Every small step in his recovery was a monumental victory for this resilient soul.


From the very beginning, veterinarians at the Menescal Novelda clinic dedicated themselves tirelessly, providing around-the-clock care to save Ragnar’s life. The suspicion arose that he had been confined in a field or warehouse, offering potential leads for the police investigation, but answers remained elusive.

Ragnar bore the scars of his ordeal, with abscesses on his ear and face, from which worms emerged. Despite the immense suffering he had endured, he clung to life with unwavering determination.


However, on a Monday morning filled with heavy hearts, Huellas Salvadas had to share the devastating news of Ragnar’s passing. His fragile body could endure no more, and he had lost the battle. In an emotional message, the shelter conveyed their immense sadness and the heartfelt desire that Ragnar could have pulled through.

Their message continued, describing how Ragnar, their Viking warrior, was now free, surrounded by love, and had briefly experienced the compassionate side of humanity. They believed he had earned his place in Valhalla, much like a true Viking warrior.


The tribute concluded with a vow to continue fighting to find those responsible for Ragnar’s suffering. The Protector expressed gratitude to the veterinarians and everyone who contributed, shared Ragnar’s story, and gave a voice to those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

The Elche Local Police remained committed to finding Ragnar’s owner, who had neglected to provide a chip for the dog. Ragnar’s emaciated state was a heartbreaking testament to his cruel mistreatment.

Ragnar’s story serves as a stark reminder of the worst aspects of humanity, but it also underscores the importance of love and compassion, even in the face of such cruelty. His memory will live on, inspiring hope and change, and may he find peace beyond the rainbow bridge, where pain and ingratitude can no longer touch him.

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