The poor dog had cancer and couldn’t walk and his owner decided to let his loyal dog lie on a cart and pull him everywhere. P

The power of love and care is truly remarkable, and it has the ability to work miracles and infuse positivity into our lives. Maverick, a dog adopted by Joey Maxwell and his wife from a high-kill shelter, was once a frail and undernourished pup. Fortunately, they were able to share six years of happiness together. However, when Maverick was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago, Maxwell didn’t give up on his furry companion. He went above and beyond to support Maverick in his battle against the disease, and the initial round of chemotherapy yielded positive results. Sadly, the illness resurfaced two months ago, rendering Maverick immobile.


In a heartwarming gesture, Maxwell made the decision to ride in a wagon pulled by his loyal dog, Maverick. According to CBS News, Maverick would howl at passersby until they showed him affection, believing that everyone he encountered was there to shower him with love.


Maverick absolutely adores these rides, and they appear to be having a positive impact on his physical health. He is visibly responding to the good vibes and has even shown signs of increased strength, being able to sit up on his own with each passing day.


Gratitude fills our hearts for the immense amount of love that has been poured into this precious furry friend.

We are overjoyed to hear that this adorable companion is feeling better! Here’s to a swift and continued recovery. This little one’s cuteness knows no bounds, and their sweet face is simply irresistible. Sending blessings to you, Maverick, and your loved ones.


We hope that everyone is experiencing an abundance of love and positivity, just like Maverick does! This message was shared from the Facebook page “Everybody Loves Maverick.”

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