The poor dog fell victim to a brutal acid attack, leaving her face permanently disfigured. P

She may resemble Voldemort, but she possesses the heart of Harry Potter and his friends. Mugsy, a small dog, bears the physical scars of a traumatic past that tell a heartbreaking story. Yet, thousands have been touched and inspired by this resilient little girl. Here’s her remarkable journey.


Mugsy, originally named Hapoochi (meaning “little dog” in Iranian), lives with her family in Iran. Unfortunately, a dreadful incident marred her life when she fell victim to a brutal acid attack, leaving her permanently disfigured.

The circumstances surrounding this horrifying attack remain unknown, but it is known that a corrosive cleaning substance was used. The acid assault left Mugsy with devastating injuries, resulting in the loss of an eye, nose, and part of an ear. Her injuries were so severe that emergency surgery was imperative for her survival. However, her family, unable to bear the significant financial burden of her extensive treatments, faced the agonizing decision of euthanizing her to end her suffering.


Fortunately, a compassionate individual, a volunteer veterinarian from the animal rescue organization Persian Paws Rescue, intervened in the nick of time to save Mugsy’s life. At just a month and a half old, the veterinarian selflessly covered the costs and removed her remaining eye to spare her any further discomfort.

Once her life was no longer in peril, Mugsy found a loving home and captured the attention of Sam Taylor, a young woman from Canada. Sam was deeply moved by Mugsy’s story and felt compelled to make a difference.


Describing Mugsy, Sam said, “She has the face of Voldemort, but the heart of Harry Potter and his companions.” Despite the distressing images of Mugsy’s past, Sam was determined to help this little pup. Today, Mugsy is cherished and pampered, basking in the love she deserves.


Mugsy embarked on a journey from Iran to Canada, spanning 10,000 kilometers, to join her new family, where she would receive the care and affection she had been missing. Sam knew that Mugsy had a long road ahead, starting with a change of name to leave her painful past behind—Mugsy it was.

Numerous medical procedures followed, aimed at improving her quality of life. Some procedures focused on helping her breathe more comfortably, while others addressed the damage to her ears. However, her appearance remained unchanged. The most poignant aspect of this story is that Sam loves Mugsy just as she is, recognizing the boundless compassion and resilience within her.


Sam’s dedication to Mugsy’s well-being is unwavering. She has gone to great lengths to fund Mugsy’s future procedures, launching a GoFundMe page with an initial goal of $10,000. Little did she expect the outpouring of support and inspiration from thousands of people who were touched by their story. The fundraiser has exceeded $12,000, surpassing the original target.

Mugsy’s journey is a testament to the kindness and compassion that can emerge from imperfections. Her life has taken a turn for the better, thanks to the arrival of an angel like Sam. Their story serves as a reminder that imperfect individuals can indeed be perfect in their capacity for love and care.

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