The poor dog became the target of a cruel joke when he put tape all over his body, threw it into a mud hole, and left it struggling helplessly. P

The image of a dog being subjected to a cruel joke involving glue and mud, which has left many animal lovers both indignant and heartbroken, has prompted widespread condemnation.


The adorable puppy, named Pascal, was discovered in a pitiful state in Istanbul, Turkey. It was revealed that Pascal had become the target of a heartless prank where tape was applied all over his body before he was plunged into a pit of mud. After enduring this torment, the culprits callously left Pascal struggling helplessly in the thick, sticky mud.


Pascal, his eyes filled with fear, desperately attempted to free himself from the layer of glue and sticky mud that clung to his fur. However, the mud and glue mixture had dried into a hard, cement-like substance on his back, hindering his efforts. This cement-like layer prevented proper blood circulation, leaving the poor dog in critical condition.


Due to the lack of blood circulation, parts of Pascal’s ears had become gangrenous, adding to his suffering. Overwhelmed by fear, Pascal sought refuge in a corner, too traumatized to trust anyone or anything.

Thankfully, the keen instincts of a compassionate animal rescue worker led to Pascal’s discovery, and he was brought in for urgent medical attention. The veterinarian had to painstakingly remove the layer of cement-like material from Pascal’s skin. However, the damage had already been done, and Pascal was suffering from malnutrition and severe psychological trauma. He lived in constant fear, wary of everything around him.


In the coming week, Pascal will undergo further tests, including blood work and preventive measures against infectious diseases, in the hope of restoring him to health and happiness. The heartrending story and photos of Pascal have elicited widespread outrage and condemnation toward the individuals responsible for the cruel “joke” played on this innocent dog.

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