The mother dog’s efforts to save her children were buried underground after a serious landslide. With a strong will to survive and great love, the mother dog’s best efforts paid off. worthy.TS

In recent days, social media has been buzzing with a video of a family of dogs being rescued after an unfortunate landslide incident in the state of Kerala, southern India, in 2021. Despite being immobile, the mother dog made every effort to signal for help, demonstrating her strong will to survive alongside her precious puppies, leaving many deeply moved and in awe. 
Chó mẹ kêu gào để gây chú ý. (Ảnh: Cắt từ video We love animals)

On October 10, 2021, Sabitha and Ashraf, a couple who run a shop in a small village bordering Palakkad and Malappuram districts, heard the cries of a dog. They attempted to locate the source of the distressed sounds but couldn’t pinpoint it. Ashraf suspected it might be some animals fighting over food, so they didn’t think much of it.

Đội cứu hộ đào đất giải cứu bầy chó. (Ảnh: Cắt từ video We love animals)

However, the desperate cries for help from the mother dog continued for three consecutive days, until October 12. Finding it increasingly strange, the couple thoroughly searched the area. To their surprise, Sabitha and Ashraf discovered a mother dog and her two puppies buried under a layer of mud from a minor landslide in Palakkad-Malappuram near Kumaranelloor.

Hai bé cún may mắn vẫn bình an. (Ảnh: Cắt từ video We love animals)

Without the necessary tools, the couple notified and sought assistance from the rescue team. According to the rescue workers, the small dog family had likely been trapped there for three days. Fortunately, the mother dog was still able to resist, even though her entire body was buried in the earth. She managed to keep her head above ground, continuously emitting sounds to seek help.

Sức khỏe chúng vẫn ổn định. (Ảnh: Cắt từ video We love animals)

Ashraf shared with the media, “We heard cries in the area for three continuous days. During that time, there was rain and a minor landslide, and we suspect that the mother and her puppies got stuck. When we arrived, the rescue team used various tools to dig up the mud and saw the mother dog’s head, which appeared very happy, constantly whimpering and looking at us as if she was pleading for help. Later, as they continued to dig deeper, they found six puppies, but unfortunately, only two of them had survived.”

Người dân làm nơi trú ẩn cho gia đình nhỏ. (Ảnh: Cắt từ video We love animals)

After the successful rescue, the dog family was taken to a medical facility for examination and treatment. The doctors mentioned that their health issues were not too severe and could be nursed back to health with time. Due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in the region, the local residents constructed a small shelter for the mother and her puppies to protect them from the rain and sun. In addition, neighbors regularly provided food and water.

A 3-minute video recording the swift rescue of the little dog family quickly spread across social media and garnered over 200,000 likes and thousands of comments. The heartfelt pleas of the mother dog touched the hearts of many, evoking their admiration for her powerful will to protect and save her puppies.

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