The man and the old dog spent a beautiful life together. In the end, they succumbed to old age and passed away within an hour of each other

For a man who is a veteran of war , overcoming the tragedies that his years in the army serving the country on the battlefield left him with, can become truly difficult to bear.

Many end up suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. And if only for the help of professionals, the support of his family, and the beautiful therapy dogs specialized for it, he could rewrite his story and find his reason to live. 

Daпiel Hove was a well-known soldier in the United States Air Force, who after retiring became Fire Chief of Bυrпsville, Missouri. But his battle with death could be as difficult to bear as the terrifying medical diagnosis he received: pancreatic cancer.

The man with cancer and his dog who was with him were separated from his side died on the same day

Fortunately, in addition to the support of your family at this time, you would have a loyal friend, one of those who accompanies you through thick and thin, one of those who are capable of watching over your children while you are sick, one of those who it’s nice that they What matters is being on your side.

That was his loyal dog Gυппer, an 11-year-old Labrador.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, Gυппer simply decided to never leave his side. To the guy who put Dael in the little bed so that the little dog could watch over his dreams.

It was the only way to keep your pet and sleep and bring you. It’s so comforting!

Photos from recent years show the loyal dog stuck in bed next to his owner. No matter what happened, Gυппer made sure to be separated from his favorite brother more than just a few centimeters away.

“He was best friends until the end,” said Daпiel’s daughter, Heather Nicoletti. “They went together everywhere.”

Therefore, no one was surprised that when Daпiel entered the terminal phase of his illness , and his days were limited, the little dog became seriously ill to his owner.

«When my dad was agitated, the dog was agitated; my dad was sick, the dog was sick; “My dad didn’t respond, the dog didn’t respond…” Heather said.

One day I saw that the little dog was almost moving, and then I knew that his final moment was getting closer . With his broken hearts, he decided to take him to the vet to put him to sleep , it was the most fair thing for him to leave if he suffered.

These were especially heartbreaking moments for Heather, knowing that she had almost the same circumstances for her father.

But the whole family was shocked, and at the same time with a certain thing, fallen after having Gυппer put to sleep, just 1 hour and a half later, Daпiel also stopped breathing and died to be reunited with his beloved dog on the other side of the rainbow.

Despite the harshness of the moment, Heather was left with the regret that at least her father had to go through the bitter experience of having to say goodbye to his pet. And at the same time, the little dog simply could not have stood alone if he were alone at his side.

«I always thought: what would be more tragic for Gυппer, if I put him to sleep to end up with his suffering, or if he had to suffer the death of Dad. In any case, that was going to kill him. “We knew they would leave together, but it seemed like they were just hours apart ,” the woman told the media.

«Gυппer how could I be without my dad. “I think she chose to leave with him,” Heather said.

In this «Zoorpreпdeпte» video you can learn more details of the admirable iпcoпdicioпal love story:

It is a completely moving story that shows the impressive vision of true love that can be created between a master and a puppy, even stronger than the blood ties between humans. so.

I hope that we all value our pets more every day, sometimes we forget how special they can be in the most difficult moments of our lives.

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