The little cat always has a bright smile in all situations and especially a happy smile that shows gratitude to those who rescued it. P

Tulip’s young life was marked by numerous challenges, but this 10-month-old kitten faced each obstacle with an unwavering grin.


Discovered on the streets of Ontario, Canada, at a tender age of two weeks, Tulip’s fate took a turn for the better when she was rescued by a local animal rights activist. Despite having an eye infection, Tulip radiated happiness as her rescuer captured her photograph for the website. Little did she know that this snapshot would play a pivotal role in finding her a forever family.


Jen and Chris had been on the lookout for a feline companion for their cat, Pinecon, for several months when they came across the heartwarming image of baby Tulip’s beaming face on their computer screens. Jen recalls, “Her grin in the tiny ad immediately drew us in.”

Without hesitation, the couple submitted their adoption application, which was promptly approved. When they visited Tulip at the shelter, they were astounded to see her grinning even in those surroundings. An instant connection was formed. “We fell in love with her beauty and demeanor the moment we met her in person,” Jen shared.


Upon bringing Tulip home, she continued to flaunt her delightful smile. Jen remarks, “Initially, we thought the ad had just captured a lucky random moment, but when we brought her home and began taking many pictures of her, we realized it was a constant thing. Her smile is ever-present and never fades.”


Despite her health challenges, this tuxedo kitten maintained her cheerful disposition, reassuring her adoptive parents that everything would be just fine. Jen speculates, “The realist in me likes to think her perpetual smile is due to the distinctive coloring of her face. At the same time, another part of me believes she’s always grinning because she recognizes how far she’s come since she was 10 months old.”


Today, Tulip revels in playing fetch, dragging toys around the house, lounging by the aquarium, and testing the patience of her older brother, Pinecon, from whom she refuses to be separated.

“No matter how challenging the situation may be, she serves as a constant reminder that things are getting better,” Jen adds. “It’s hard to imagine our lives without her smile now. She has filled our hearts and our home with so much joy.”


“She’s very tulip-like,” Jen continues. “She’s always blossoming, no matter what, and I think she knows it.”

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