The last moments and the 16-year journey with the woman brought many tears to viewers. The touching story touched the hearts of viewers and shared with the woman with such a great loss. big.TS

Saying farewell to a beloved pet can be an incredibly emotional experience, and one family had to go through this heart-wrenching process as they bid goodbye to their 16-year-old canine companion for the last time.

Okey, who had been a faithful member of their family for a remarkable 16 years, passed away last February. Even in his final moments, he managed to touch everyone’s hearts with his endearing smile and charming demeanor.

In a touching video filmed by his owner, Okey can be seen cradled in the arms of a young boy, surrounded by family members, as he prepared to take his last breath.

Desp ite his weakened state, Okey still responded to his mother and even seemed to nod in contentment as she sang a soothing lullaby.

Okey took his last breath just moments after the mother expressed her gratitude for the nearly two decades he had spent as a cherished part of their family.

The young boy and his family were heartbroken to bid Okey farewell, but they understood it was time. Okey, at the age of 16, had been battling illness for two years, even spending time in the hospital during that period.

Regrettably, there was nothing more that could be done to help Okey.

So, his family decided to bring him back home, ensuring that the elderly dog could spend his final days surrounded by the people he loved the most. While Okey had been unwell for some time, they hadn’t anticipated his departure to come so soon.

As the young boy cradled Okey’s tiny body in his arms, it was evident that Okey’s time with them was drawing to a close. Okey was fortunate to have his family by his side in his last moments.

When the video was uploaded to YouTube in March, it quickly garnered 1.72 million views from people who wanted to express their condolences and sympathy to the family for their loss of a beloved four-legged family member. It was undoubtedly a heartbreaking farewell for Okey and his family, but they knew it wasn’t the end.

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