The injured dog abandoned under a tree was seriously injured, bleeding all over his face, nose bleeding, swollen eyes and neck injuries. P

The INSTITUTO SOS 4 PATAS PARANÁ received a distressing call about an injured dog left abandoned under a tree. Upon receiving the signal, their nearest rescuer promptly rushed to the scene to assess the situation.


Upon arrival, it was evident that this poor dog wasn’t just abandoned; she was also suffering from severe injuries. She had bleeding all over her face, a bleeding nose, swollen eyes, and a neck injury.


Without wasting any time, the rescuers decided to transport her to the nearest shelter where she could receive the care she so desperately needed. Initial tests were conducted to determine if the dog had contracted any other diseases.

The dog was in such pain that she struggled to stand on her own legs, often opting to sit down, indicating that something was seriously bothering her.


Further tests revealed a broken jaw and the presence of sharp objects in her stomach. Doctors began conducting additional tests to identify these objects, and the results were alarming.


The procedure to remove these sharp objects was successful, but it was traumatic for the dog, causing her to pass out. The retrieved objects turned out to be bits of steel that had been in her stomach.


After the procedure, the dog could finally start feeding on her own, though doctors were cautious, offering liquid food to ensure her stomach could digest it easily.


With each passing day, the dog showed significant improvement in her condition. Her appetite began to return, and she even started forming bonds with the people caring for her, slowly but surely on her way to recovery.

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