The infant is lovingly nicknamed “the girl with the perfectly loving heart” due to her unique heart-shaped birthmark on her belly.(T)

Jorgia’s life began with a unique mark, one that has only grown more remarkable as she has. Born in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Jorgia arrived three days ahead of her due date via a planned C-section on February 22 last year. What caught everyone’s attention, especially the midwives, was the perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped birthmark on her left side.


Jayne Welch, Jorgia’s mother, a 37-year-old care assistant, recalls the midwives’ astonishment when they first noticed the bright red marking in the shape of a heart on Jorgia’s tiny tummy. Despite the initial belief that the mark would fade with time, it not only remained but also continued to grow in perfect proportion as Jorgia herself grew.

Over time, the once-small red mark has become slightly raised but still retains its unmistakable heart shape. Now, at almost one year old, Jorgia has started to notice her unique strawberry birthmark and is quite fascinated by it, often poking at it during bath time. Her parents have explained to her that it’s a special part of her.


Jorgia’s birthmark has been the talk of her midwives and health visitors since her birth, and everyone who meets her adores it. She is affectionately known as “the little girl with the perfect love heart.” There are no medical concerns about the birthmark; it’s simply a beautiful and unique part of her.

In fact, Jorgia’s birthmark has inspired her mother, Jayne, to get a matching heart-shaped tattoo on her left side. She hopes that as Jorgia grows older, she will love and embrace her distinctive mark as much as her family does and never feel self-conscious about it.


So, as Jorgia approaches her first birthday, she does so with her unique birthmark proudly on display, a symbol of the special and extraordinary way she came into the world—a true February-born baby with a heart of love.

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